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Interesting and simplistic Chromium-based browser

Cent Studio |
updated on June 28, 2024
127.4mb | free


Minimalistic user interface
More helpful features than Google Chrome
Fully customizable
Various memory and performance optimizations


Not quite new to anyone who used Google Chrome
Surrounded by some skepticism from the online community
Cent Browser
Price: $
Chromium represents Google's browser project that brought Google Chrome to life. Chromium itself is not advertised as a standalone browser but many third-party browsers are Chromium-based and they add or remove some features. That is also how Cent Browser came to life, so let's check out what it's all about.

Cent Browser was developed by a small group of Chinese developers in 2015. It's available to download for free, and its size is quite minimalistic with around 70 MB in download size. After opening it for the first time, you'll think you accidentally clicked on Google Chrome. However, after some exploration, Cent Browser's unique characteristics begin to show.

For start, Cent Browser has many useful features, but it manages to preserve a minimalistic user interface of Chromium. Unlike many other Chromium-based projects, Cent Browser stays true to the original user interface and stands out with useful, yet non-invasive additional options. Some changes are visible when you open a new tab: you'll see a search box initially set to use Cent search engine, which you can change to many others, including Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. At the top, you can see the home button, which is long-absent from Google Chrome. There is also a button for downloads, bookmarks, and a screenshot button you can use for saving webpages as images as well.

The tab menu is scrollable and you can kill individual tabs if they start using too much of your system resources. Other useful features include mouse gestures, super drag, a built-in download manager accessible from the top menu, and a QR code generator. Cent Browser also has a portable version requiring no installation, and it offers its own take on memory management and optimization.

There are so many things to tweak in Cent Browser as well. Adding screenshot option and a download manager to the top menu is really a great move making things easier for users. It also offers privacy protection with some unique features, but it's still incomparable to Opera, for instance, in that segment. Also, there were suspicions regarding its overall security.

All things considered, Cent Browser is a great browser choice. If you've already used Google Chrome, you won't find the transition shocking, and you'll end up pleasantly surprised by the new features. If you're trying to settle down on a Chromium-based browser coming from Firefox or Edge, you might even find Cent Browser a more useful choice than Google Chrome.
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